Custom Build

Own-brand Manufacture

As well as supplying Reuben Heaton branded scales and weighing equipment, Reuben Heaton is also able to supply own-branded versions of its scale products. As we are the manufacturer of our scales and weighing products, we have total control over every aspect of production. From a simple logo change on the main dial to a complete makeover including component colours, weighing capacity and corporate branding, we have the ability to make a scale to suit your requirements.


From small batch production to large quantity supply, we have the ability to tailor a package to suit most requirements. For more information on our own-brand and corporate product capabilities contact us via

Design & Development

As a manufacturer with in house fabrication and development capabilities, Reuben Heaton is well suited to the manufacture of bespoke weighing and measuring products. As a British based manufacturer of some 160 years standing, we have links to a large network of specialist suppliers covering a wide range of manufacturing processes. This combined with our onsite facilities and additional overseas production facility, gives us access to a wide range of development and production resources.


If you are looking to design a bespoke weighing or measuring product, or looking for a product to solve a particular process we may be able to help. For more information on our manufacturing facilities, or to request a contact from our project team, contact us via

Custom Design Projects

Snow Scale



In 2010/11, Reuben Heaton worked with Polish based measurements specialist Neostrain to develop an analogue based scales solution to enable householder to monitor snow weight on the roofs of houses.


Maintenance of snow levels on roofing in Poland has implications for the householder in terms of safety, structural damage and maintenance costs as well as insurance. The Snowscale product enables householders to weigh and accurately determine the weight of snow on a roof allowing them to take appropriate action and save cost.


Snow Scales Project

Specialist Angling Scale



As leading manufacturers in the sport fishing market, Reuben Heaton is the “go to” manufacturer for own brand specialist analogue and digital scales. Korda are one of the leading angling brands worldwide selling high quality materials and products for specialist anglers. The Korda green carp scale was designed on the base 4000 series structure with Pantone matched body and dial to perfectly complement the company’s corporate colours.


As with all own branded products, Reuben Heaton provides a full after sales and calibration service for all Korda customers


Korda Scale

Miniaturised Depth Gauge

Pierre Kunz


One of the more exotic projects undertaken by Reuben Heaton was the development of a miniaturised depth gauge attachment for monitoring depth during diving expeditions.


Measuring only 33mm in length, the depth gauge design was based on a simple compressed air bubble system combined with graduated glass tube.


Working to the smallest of tolerances, the purpose built glass tubing was printed using state of the art ceramic detailing processes. Each gauge was individually pressure tested in a purpose built pressure chamber designed and built on site, to achieve a maximum dive depth of over 80 meters. OAs with all Pierre Kunz creations, only 500 of the custom G021 Sport Diver watches were made.


Pierre Kunz G021 Sport Diver Watch

Reuben Heaton British King's Ginger Manufacturer Weighing Scales Bespoke Project Build

King’s Ginger Scale

Berry Brothers for Buckingham Palace


Famed drinks company Berry Brothers & Rudd asked Reuben Heaton to develop a bespoke measuring device, to determine the content of liquid in an opaque glass container. King’s Ginger liqueur – created in 1903 for King Edward VII as a winter warmer – comes in a black bottle making it hard to tell the contents. The solution was to manufacture a bespoke balance based on a 17th century goods weighing scale, but adapted to suit the bottle dimensions. Using bespoke bottle-style counter balances it is possible to monitor the reduction in contents by substituting counter weights to match the main bottle weight.


Three sets of scales were manufactured. One set is on show at Berry Brothers, a second takes pride of place in Buckingham Palace for use by HM The Queen and the third lives at the Reuben Heaton factory.


Berry Brothers & Rudd

Total Weighing Solutions

The Total Weighing Solutions (TWS) project launched by Reuben Heaton in October 2015 is designed to support the various development projects being undertaken by the company. TWS encompasses both development of future scales and weighing accessories, working with customers and third party organisations, consultants, agents and fieldworkers to develop future-proof weighing products for a diverse range of industries and applications. From mass production to bespoke one-off pieces of weighing equipment tailored to suit individual requirements the TWS process ensures a purpose built product with form and function maximised.

“Every year we see new industry applications that require specialist weighing and measuring products. In some cases, the products required are similar too but not the same as the traditional products for others it’s a totally new product. “Accurate recording of data is easy when working with inanimate objects, there’s no movement, no water and not much in the way of external factors to affect your results. In outdoor environments this is much more of a challenge and this is where TWS comes in to play with products specifically designed to cope with adverse environment and minimise external factors that can cause error”.

Reuben Heaton Managing Director – Andrew Race