4000 Series Hanging Scale

4000 Series Hanging Scale

The 4000 Series single revolution scales are designed for all general weighing applications, with a fully comprehensive range of capacities and models to suit all requirements. The tough construction and rugged design makes the 4000 series an ideal scale both indoor and outdoor, able to cope will most working environments. Large tare/zero ranges up to 15% of range offer good flexibility for weighing accessories, with accuracy to one part in 250.




  • Tough shatterproof polycarbonate body and lens.
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point.
  • Corrosion resistant internal components.
  • Single revolution, easy to read dial.
  • After sales servicing and calibration facilities.
  • Generous tare range/zero facilities, minimum 15% of range.
Scale Diameter


Top Hook to Hang Point











Metric Only

4005/300N – 5kg x 20g
4010/300N – 10kg x 50g
4025/300N – 25kg x 100g
4050/300N – 50kg x 200g
4100/300N – 100kg x 500g


Dual Metric/Imperial Dial

4005/200N – 5kg x 20g/11lb x 1oz
4010/200N – 10kg x 50g/22lb x 2oz
4025/200N – 25kg x 100g/56lb x 4oz
4050/200N – 50kg x 200g/112lb x 8oz
4100/200N – 100kg x 500g/220lb x 1lb

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