3000 Series Flyweight MK2 Hand Held Scales

3000 Series Flyweight MK2 Hand Held Scales

The 3000 Series Flyweight is a truly pocket sized scale designed to be ultra- light and ultimately portable.
The 3000 series combines the compact features normally associated with a tubular balance, and the readability
of a dial scale to give the best of both designs. This scale comes complete with waterproof protective Cordura pouch.



•Lightweight alloy interior mechanism with corrosion
proof metal rack and pinion assembly for increased
reliability and accuracy.

•Dual revolution easy to read dial.

•Tare/Zero range.

•Retractable top handle.

•Tough polystyrene body.

•Slim pocket size.

•Comes complete with protective pouch.


Metric Only

3006/300N – 6kg x 10g

3020/300N – 20kg x 50g


Imperial Only

3012/100N – 12lb x 1/2oz

3040/100N – 40lb x 1oz

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