1000 Series Little Gem Tubular Balance

1000 Series Little Gem Tubular Balance

The 1000 Series Little Gem tubular balance is suitable for many general weighing jobs. Used in laboratories, schools and workshops, indoor or outdoor, the Little Gem readily adapts to any light domestic or industrial weighing jobs. The Little gem is calibrated to offer good accuracy over range, and also incorporates a generous zero/tare range. The very compact design of the scale makes it an ideal pocket scale. The Little Gem comes complete with protective waterproof Cordura pouch.




•Tough Durable Construction.

•Fully Folding Compact Design.

•Easy To Read Graduations.

•Choice of Capacities.

•Stainless Steel Hook And Hang Point.

•Comes Complete With Protective Pouch .

•Metric Only Or Metric / Imperial Dual graduations.

•Integral Force Indicator.


Metric Only

1006/300N – 6.5kg x 100g

1013/300N – 13kg x 200g

1025/300N – 25kg x 500g



1006/200N – 6.5kg x 100g/15lb x 4oz

1013/200N – 13kg x 200g/30lb x 8oz

1025/200N – 35kg x 500g/55lb x 1lb

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